Gamification Analysis and Implementation on Online Learning

Nowadays, there is a growing process in e-learning, an online learning that can be performed anywhere at anytime. The gamification is integrated in some e-learning management system, and it is expected to increase the students’ satisfaction, motivation and engagement. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of gamification in e-learning. For this purpose, an educational website, is established, where the survey is conducted for students who is registered. There are two parts of participants: the students who is directed to a learning system with gamification and the students who is enrolled to a learning system without gamification. During the process, the level of user engagement and the quality of learning are being evaluated in each group. The t-test result for these two population suggest that there are a significant improvement in the learning experience for participants in the classes that implement the gamification in their system.

Fergyanto E Gunawan Dr Eng and Jupiter