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Arief S Budiman, PhD


1. Additive manufacturing


2. Smart (Enabled by AI) Energy Systems (Solar PV, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicle)


3. Engineering Design/Design for Reliability (DfR)


4. Product Design/Innovations


5. Industrial System Design for Innovations in Industry 4.0




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AAN Perwira Redi, PhD



1. Improving the Efficiency of Last Mile Distribution and Logistics Operation


2. Pengembangan algoritma metaheuristik untuk menyelesakan permasalahan last-mile distribution

dengan fasilitas smart locker


3. Pengembangan algoritma metaheuristik untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan last-mile distribution

dengan bantuan drone


4. Analisa lokasi fasilitas stasiun pengisian kendaraan listrik umum dengan pendekatan algoritma

heuristik dan optimasi matematika


5. Pengembangan algoritma metaheuristik untuk menyelesaikan permasalahan penentuan rute

distribusi dengan mempertimbangkan fasilitas cross-docking dan penggunaan 3PL


6. Solving the Tourist Trip Design Problem considering public bike facilities


7. Multivariate Statistical Analysis technique for Supply Chain Management and Related Topics


8. Kombinasi Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT-2) dan Theory of

Planned Behavior (TPB)



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Muhammad Asrol


1. Supply chain performance measurement and improvement


2. Decision Support System for site selection at Telecommunication Industry


3. Decision Support System for supply chain improvement at food industry


4. Decision Support System for Sustainability Assessment and Improvement


5. Sustainability Assessment and Improvement using Data Science


6. Geographical Information System (GIS)-Based Sustainability Assessment


7. Industrial Product Design and Evaluation using Sentiment Analysis



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