About Master of Industrial Engineering Program

Master of Industrial Engineering


The graduates of the Master Program of Industrial Engineering will possess skill sets related to human capital, machines, methods, finances, materials, information technology, and the environment. With those, the graduates can manage all forms of organizational resources to achieve organizational goals efficiently.

Besides, the graduates should also have the capability to provide companies with constructive mindsets, adding value to companies and increasing the organization’s competitiveness. With those skill sets, the graduates can contribute to organizational management and others related to logistics and supply management. Those parts of organizations are well known to be the backbone of any modern organization to compete globally.

BINUS UNIVERSITY is the leading educational institution not only in Indonesia but in the world, ranked 7th among all universities in Indonesia, according to QS World University Ranking. Industrial Engineering is a part of the university graduate programs.

The graduate education program in industrial engineering is designed to meet the industrial needs to become the leaders in logistics, supply chain, and quality management industries. BINUS Graduate Program provides a curriculum that emphasizes subjects mixing engineering and information technology to facilitate the development of analytic and strategic thinking.

The graduates of the Industrial Engineering Program will have the competency to become a leader in industrial management and supply chain engineering. Besides, the graduates may also play significant roles as consultants for solving issues in any organization, including performing assessments and evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of industrial systems.

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Source: BINUS University curriculum site

Vision and Mission


A world-respected Graduate Program of Industrial Engineering that fosters and empowers the society and serves the nation.


  1. Educate BINUSIAN to conduct research practice in the Industrial Engineering field that meets global standards,
  2. Make Indonesia a better place through multidisciplinary research with Industrial Engineering as the core,
  3. Develop and foster BINUSIAN to stay abreast with technology advancement for higher education needs in the Industrial Engineering area, and
  4. Empower society with knowledge, innovation, and exemplary characteristics of Industrial Engineering.

Program Objectives

The Master of Industrial Engineering study program objectives are:

  1. To provide graduates with Industrial Engineering’s best practices to attain global competitiveness in supply chain and industrial management,
  2. To provide graduates with research and development skillset for knowledge advancement in Industrial Engineering for strategic advantage, and
  3. To provide graduates with technology advancement to empower society with knowledge, innovation, and exemplary characteristics of Industrial Engineering.

Prospective Career of the Graduates

Master of Industrial Engineering graduates have the opportunity to fill the positions at prestigious firms such as:

  • Top Manager
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Supply chain engineer
  • Engineering consultant
  • Project engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Human resource manager
  • Lecturer
  • Researcher

Source: Binus University Official Curriculum Site