International Conference on Sustainable Architecture and Engineering (ICOSAE)

Society 5.0 is a future society in which IoT, AI, robotics, and other innovative technologies will be used to maximum effect for the optimization of individual lives and society as a whole, a future society that leverages technology to achieve economic advancement and solve people’s problems.

The architects and engineers have an opportunity to advance the usage of knowledge to create more comfortable and sustainable design. Meanwhile, researchers and educators will have a role in developing knowledge they gain from the architects or engineers, and the community.

The 1st ICOSAE 2020 with theme Building, Infrastructure, and Technology towards Society 5.0 invites academics, researchers, and students to exchange their knowledge. This will be a medium where current theories, design methods and researches on these fields are discussed.

Universitas Kristen Indonesia has an opprotunity to hosted ICOSAE conference 2020 that will be held on October, 28, 2020

All respected authors are invited to submit their original article to the conferences committee before June, 15, 2020

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