Advanced Supply Chain & Operational Excellence

Advanced Supply Chain & Operational Excellence (4 Credits)

Course Description:

This course introduces the key elements in supply chain management and operational excellence of the industry. Building a sustainable competitive advantage through excellent operations and effective supply chain needs to understand how operational functions can contribute to the industry’s growth. Therefore, to tackle this issue, operational skills, techniques, and tools that are applicable in real-life situations are needed. The combination of supply chain management with excellent operations shows the important roles of operations function in improving a firm’s sustainable competitive advantage and business sustainability. Hot topics that are subjects of discussion in the current business situations such as Supply Chain Management, performance measurement, digital transformation in supply chain Lean Operations, and Enterprise Resource Planning, forecasting and strategy will be part of the discussion topics of this course. They will be analyzed from the operations function perspective to give reasons why they are very important to business in facing tight competition not only today but also in the future. This course is presented for the industrial engineering students in master program. The ability of analysis, design, and proposed system recommendation to improve the supply chain and operational excellence as the main requirement of the students are delivered in this course.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:

  •  LO1: Analyse the main roles of supply chain operations for industrial performance.
  • LO2: Analyse the main roles of operational excellence for competitive advantages.
  • LO3: Formulate system improvement for supply chain and operation management for industrial excellences.


  • Understanding the Supply Chain for Operational Excellences
  • Supply Chain performance and strategy
  • Supply chain logistics and network
  • Digital transformation in supply chain
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • The fundamentals of Operations Excellence
  • Lean system and managing inventory
  • Forecasting
  • Operations and resource planning
  • Supply chain and operational excellence strategy