Engineering Optimization

Engineering Optimization (4 credits)

Course description:

This course introduces techniques and tools in engineering optimization for industry. The subject introduces to engineering optimization and linear programming, simplex method and sensitivity analysis, integer programming and mix integer linear programming, non-linear programming, dynamic programming, network optimization model, decision analysis, an introduction to meta-heuristic, and simulation modelling. Engineering optimization is also enriched by tools for each technique using Lingo software, Ms. Excel Solver, Interactive Operations Research (IOR) Tutorial, and to assists students in well understand about the topic. In the enrichment session, this subject discusses any topic about thesis and journal preparation of students, especially that related to engineering optimization technique.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:
• LO1: Apply technique and tools in engineering optimization for industrial problems.
• LO2: Formulate mathematical model to represents industrial problems.
• LO3: Solve industrial problems using engineering optimization technique.


• Introduction to engineering optimization and Linear Programming
• Simplex method and sensitivity analysis
• Integer Programming and Mix Integer Programming
• Goal programming
• Non-Linear Programming
• Dynamic programming
• Network Optimization Model
• Decision Analysis
• An Introduction to Meta-Heuristic
• Simulation Modelling