Industrial System Design

Industrial System Design (4 credits)

Course description:

The industrial system design covers the production systems that are used to manufacture products and the parts assembled into the final products in modern manufacturing systems and operations. This course introduces the theory, model, design and practice of automation and control technologies, material handling technologies, manufacturing systems, quality control systems, and manufacturing support system. Students will be highlighted with important aspects in industrial control system, robotics, material handling and transport systems, flexible manufacturing systems, and automated assembly lines. Furthermore, this subject emphasizes the inspection practice and technologies, product design, and concurrent engineering. Final project of industrial system design will be subjected to students’ presentation and evaluation. Final project of industrial system design with students’ presentation and evaluation will be required.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:
• LO1: Evaluate the key principles and strategies in the industrial system design (manufacturing systems or industrial products)
• LO2: Solve issues in the industrial systems and products through evaluating and analysing the tools and techniques of industrial system and product design, including latest advances in multidisciplinary technology and informatics
• LO3: Propose ingenious solutions by designing industrial systems and products that solve problems and contribute to the society through industrial system/product innovations


• Introduction to Industrial Systems Design
• Design Thinking – Design for Innovations
• Industrial Design Methodology – From Ideation to Verification
• Product Design Engineering and CAD/CAM
• Design for X (X = Manufacturability, Quality, Yield, Reliability, Environmental, etc.)
• Industrial Control Systems
• Industrial Robotics & Materials Handling Systems
• Advanced Manufacturing Systems (with Flexible Production Lines and Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing)
• Smart Industrial Systems
• Design for Services and Customer Experiences