Quality Assurance & Total Quality Management

Quality Assurance & Total Quality Management (4 credits)

Course description:

Use of various methods and recent developments of quality control (such as QA/QC, Deming and TQM) are covered in detail. Quality in design and planning is stressed as equally important to quality in the constructed project and quality in production of goods and services. This course familiarizes students with quality control techniques, quality assurance issues and quality management methods. This course also provides understanding on benchmarking and modern quality management for performance excellence and how to implement it to achieve overall organizational performance improvement.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:
• LO1: Understand the fundamental concepts of statistical process control, total quality management, six sigma and the application of these concepts, philosophies, and strategies to issues arising in government and industry.
• LO2: Enhance the student’s understanding of the complexities of statistical analysis and control-chart interpretation and their work-place application.
• LO3: Have skills in diagnosing and analyzing problems causing variation in manufacturing and service industry processes
• LO4: Understand widely-used quality analysis tools and techniques. Create an awareness of the quality management problem-solving techniques currently in use
• LO5: Understand and aware of modern and advance Quality management and Performance Excellence Model that will guide and measure the improvement of overall organizational performance


• Introduction
• Quality basics and history
• The Customers
• Organizing for Quality Management
• 7 Q Tools
• Problem Solving
• The use of Statistical in Quality
• Matrices
• Control Charts
• Other Variable Control Charts
• Process Capability
• Basic Concepts and Definitions
• Discrete Probability Distributions
• Continuous Probability Distributions
• Product Life Cycle
• Measures of Reliability
• Quality Cost Measurement
• Utilizing Quality Costs for Decision-Making
• Modern Quality Management
• Certification Requirements
• Evolving Standards
• Introduction to Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
• Reaching World Class Benchmarking