Statistical Analysis & Research Methodology

Statistical Analysis & Research Methodology (4 credits)

Course description:

This course is a part of a series of courses designed to strengthen the research capability and develop research culture. The series consists of five courses, namely, STAT8006045 Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology, RSCH8088045 Pre-Thesis, ISYE8024045 Seminar 1, ISYE8025045 Seminar 2, and RSCH8011045 Thesis. The first course provides students with the theoretical aspects of scientific research and statistical analysis. It begins with the general introduction regarding scientific research including the general steps of the scientific research, the development of research questions, and some common research designs. And then, the course focuses on scientific writing and presentation where important aspects related to scientific articles and presentation will be discussed. A number of mathematical tools/techniques that are often required to perform research in industrial engineering area are briefly discussed.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of this Course, students will be able to:
• LO1: Perform a scientific research.
• LO2: Apply statistical analysis methods to solve scientific research problem.
• LO3: Compose a scientific paper.
• LO4: Compose a thesis proposal.


• Scientific Publication
• Finding Research Topics
• Structure and contents of a research article
• Structure and contents of a thesis proposal
• Scientific presentation
• The Basics of Data Analysis
• Testing of Hypotheses
• Basic Experimental Design
• Regression Analysis
• Structural Equation Modelling
• Research in Action