Low cost carriers connectivity at major airport

A Student paper, Mr Pino R and Prof Firdaus Alamsjah published at Q2 Journal, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering


This study aims to analyze how good and efficient the low-cost carriers’ connectivity is at their major airports by studying one of the largest low-cost carriers in the world, AirAsia Group. Weighted Connectivity Ratio is used in the calculation, applied with slight modifications to suit the operations of low-cost carriers at their airports. The results reveal that some airlines have very good connectivity, even when it is compared to the connectivity of several big full-service carriers in Europe. This research brings a novelty in the form of an analysis of connectivity of low-cost carriers, considering that most of the previous research only focused on the connectivity of full-service carriers that implement a hub-and-spoke strategy. This is important because low-cost carriers are currently present with a very rapid growth as an alternative flight option that is more affordable for passengers in addition to full-service carriers that have previously dominated the aviation market.

Keywords: low-cost carriers, connectivity, point-to-point, hub-and-spoke, weighted connectivity ratio


Further info: https://pp.bme.hu/tr/article/view/21503/9866

Commercial airplane flying above cloudscape in dramatic toned sunset light.